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Post-disability careers exploration

This is available for individuals, and also for the HR manager and team leader who needs some advice on what would be a reasonable and legally-compliant approach to re-integration or other actions.

For individuals

Anyone who has become disabled, whether for a medical or accidental reason, will be worried about what to do for the rest of their lives. Kennetbridge employment and disability specialists can offer time to go through the issues, advising on sources of further help and support, and helping to sort out important factors, influences and challenges ahead. Our knowledge of the labour market, and of training and educational opportunities, means that we are in a good position to help in the decision making process. We can also offer on-going support if that is required.

For employers

If someone on your workforce has had an accident or has a progressive medical condition, you may be wondering to what extent you should reasonably work to keep them, whether you should offer them early retirement, or perhaps whether you should dismiss them because of absence.

Be warned! This is a minefield of potential legal difficulties since the advent of disability legislation. Kennetbridge's basic advice is to consult the individual and seek expert legal advice.

If you would like to shore up your defences against costly claims, and provide your employees with the best possible help, you could engage one of our specialists to talk you through what is involved, what your duties are under the law, and what would be likely to be regarded as reasonable by an Employment Tribunal. You might also decide to bolster your duty of care by arranging some one-to-one coaching for the disabled person, as detailed above.

If you are already facing a discrimination or insurance claim one of our experts can look objectively at the ex-employee's real situation in the labour market taking into account his or her previous experience, education and training, to help you state your case if it reaches the tribunal stage.

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