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Psychometric testing

This is available through Kennetbridge for both individuals and organisations.

We can test on:
- Aptitude/ability
- Interests
- Personality (including MBTI - Myers Briggs)

These test results can be used for career management purposes, for team building, communication and training.

Kennetbridge Psychological Testing is carried out by people qualified to both level A and level B British Psychological Society standards.

Psychometric testing explained

The term psychometric testing means measuring mental states or processes.

Uses of tests: educational, occupational, clinical (diagnosis)

Tests used within the occupational area: ability/aptitude, achievement/attainment, interests, personality, other behaviour.

Ability or aptitude tests are intended to measure particular cognitive ability segments, e.g. numeracy; verbal fluency. These are the thinking and knowing aspects of experience such as problem solving, recognising, remembering, concept forming and reasoning.

Specific aptitude (or ability) tests are intended to measure single segments from the whole ability range.

General ability tests are intended to measure the whole ability range and be capable of yielding a single global score. This score is often called an intelligence score. This raw score can be further manipulated to yield an intelligent quotient or IQ.

Attainment tests are intended to measure a person's achievement after practice or instruction, e.g. arithmetic computation; spelling.

Interest inventories examine the direction in which an individual chooses to turn his or her experience, as in being with others, investigating new problems, or creating wealth.

Personality tests refer to the striving or doing aspects or experience such as running a race to win, trying to attend to two things at once, or being kind to others.

Work sample tests (sometimes known as workplace competence assessments) are attainment tests designed to simulate some aspect of a job. Examples are in-tray exercises for management assessment, or skill tests for commercial drivers.

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